Do the New You by Steven Furtick

New York Times bestselling author and Pastor Steven Furtick shows readers how to find their God-given identity and to grow into the person God designed them to be all along.

Do you ever get a glimpse of yourself that is exactly who you want to be, but always seems just out of reach? The happier, kinder, less stressed, more courageous you? The ideal version of you isn't imaginary at all. It's actually the authentic you, trying to break through. And it’s not a future version of yourself you have to chase. The true you may be new to you, but it’s not new to God. It's the you He knew all along.

In Do the New YouNew York Times bestselling author and pastor Steven Furtick speaks directly to the challenge of living out your God-given identity and calling. He explores and unpacks six practical mindsets everyone can adopt to get from who you are today to where God is taking you. These six statements are truths you can speak over yourself any time and anywhere: 


• I’m not stuck unless I stop.

• Christ is in me. I am enough. 

• With God there's always a way and by faith I will find it.

• God is not against me, but he's in it with me, working through me, fighting for me.

• My joy is my job.

• God has given me everything I need for the season I’m in. 


These simple, powerful, memorable phrases will shift your focus, feelings, and actions to align with God’s vision of you. God isn’t just calling you to do you. He’s calling you to do the new you—the unique and powerful person he created you to be. 

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