I would just like to tell you how much you mean to me and my family. I tune in mainly just before I go to work and at lunch time and I am always touched. I was once quite ill ...I had constant headaches and a lady prayed for us during the lunch hour ie 1.00pm CAT and I was healed....I did not suffer again! Just go on doing what you are doing because so many of us are trully blessed!!!

Carol M.


Wow, TBNinAfrica you guys are just getting better and better! Thank you for an excellent Partner time today! Jenna-Leigh welcome to our TBN family! You bring a new dimension and freshness to this programme. Glory to God who is always faithful!!

Philna H.

Thank you thank you for bringing TBN back

The past few days since my beloved TBN station returned, i feel like a child on Christmas morning! Can't wait to open the day's gift!! Getting ready for work with TBN and going to bed with it on is a wonderful blessing!!! Thank you thank you for bringing TBN back with all my favourite programs on!! There was a BIG gap and loss without TBN! May God bless you all, because we are blessed with TBN back on TV. Yipppiieeee!!!!


New Creation Church

Hi,Thank you for bringing TBN back to Africa. I especially love the messages by Pastor Joseph Prince.

Thank you for bringing TBN back to Africa

Thank You


Julia M.

So thankful TBN Africa is back.

So thankful TBN Africa is back. Returned from TBN G16 Israel tour with Joseph Prince yesterday. While there watching Matt and Laurie I so wish I could ask them please to return to Africa and our dear South Africa. And here we are, a day after returning I found them to launch tonight. Thank you Jesus. Matt and his lovely wife are true Grace people.

Brenda V.
Excited for TBN

I'm so blessed to have TBN broadcasting channel back

I'm so blessed to have TBN broadcasting channel back in South Africa. You are an inspiration to me and my family. It feels good to be expecting something new from God. I need a fresh anointing and that's what TBN Africa brings forth, with hope and Grace. Awesome job. Thank God for all of you. This is what I like to wake up to every morning. Be blessed. I cover this channel with the blood of Jesus. Amen an Amen.

Welcome back!


I received a surprise in the mail from you this week. Thank you for the lovely book. Even though your gesture is in the form of a book, it reminded me that God is still with us especially with the book appropriately titled "How to survive a shipwreck". Awesome! Thank you and much blessings to all who sacrificially work at TBN.

Lucy G.
Thank you

I'm grateful for the relaunch

I'm grateful for the relaunch. It's better, stronger like never before. My family and I love you. We've been with you roughly 7 years and look forward to continue to spread the gospel across Africa. TBN really encourages me at school and motivates me to spread the gospel. Thanks guys. Love you so much

Joshua M.
Really Grateful

Joseph Prince

Dankie vir die TRUTH and GRACE preachers soos Joseph Prince ens.


TBN Africa belongs to God.

To TBN team, may you all be blessed on this exiting day! TBN Africa belongs to God. Hebrews 13:20-21 [ Benediction ] Now may the God of peace [the source of serenity and spiritual well-being] who brought up from the dead our Lord Jesus, the great Shepherd of the sheep, through the blood that sealed and ratified the eternal covenant, equip you with every good thing to carry out His will and strengthen you [making you complete and perfect as you ought to be], accomplishing in us that which is pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Ps. Zania
Hebrews 13:20-21


Wow Guys and Girls ! SO AWESOME to have you back on channel 343 ! I am based in Pretoria, South Africa and support you all the way - thank you again for a stunning channel ! JESUS IS LORD !!

John L.
Compliment !!

One can just see that TBN is so up to date and relevant

Thank you for Easter programmes. One can just see that TBN is so up to date and relevant. Programmes are new, exciting, brilliant! The love and lack of greed shines through. Everything is done with excellence. South Africa is truly blessed. Thank you ALL for the work you are doing. Thank you JESUS! LOVE YOU

Philna H.

Welcome back TBN

Welcome back TBN. You belong to Africa. Praise God.

Praise Report

Karoo MMC konferensie

Graag wil ons vir TBN Africa bedank vir die groot aandeel om Karoo MMC konferensie 'n sukses te maak. Die groot rol wat TBN in Karoo Mighty Men speel deur die sessies jaarliks te beeldsend en julle bereidwilligheid om ons gratis te bemark word werklik waardeer. Soos 'n klippie wat in 'n poel water gegooi is kring jou aksie uit na families se lewens wat onherroeplik verander is. Om getuienisse te ontvang van oud en jonk wat hul gesigte na God draai laat ons in verwondering staan!

Karoo Mighty Men Committee


I just wanted to let TBN know that we are so grateful for the relaunch of TBN Africa. We have prayed and waited for this since the exchange of TBN for some other channel. Nigerians love TBN, INSPIRATION NETWORK AND DAYSTAR. We are glad that we have our exceptional TBN back! I hope this time we also can get to be part of Praise The Lord USA!

Grateful for the relaunch

I am so so happy that TBN Africa is back

I am so so happy that TBN Africa is back. Great is God's mercy towards us. You have no idea how we missed to be connected with you. Thank you Paul, Jan, Matt and Laurie.

Grateful TBN is back in Africa

It's great to have TBN back

It's great to have TBN back on our screens through TBN Africa. We missed this. May TBN grow and continue to build the Kingdom of God

Ps Sindy M.

Praise 1 hour

This is the best programme ever....praise and worship for an hour. Thank you for ministering to us. God Bless.

Thank you

Converted from Muslim to Christian thanks to TBN

My life has been impacted by your television ministry. I was born into a Muslim family. I was in the process of being trained to be an Imam but through watching TBN I got saved at the age of 14. Born in Mozambique and grew up in Zimbabwe with a Muslim name of Mohammed, but the Lord told me to change my name to Joshua. I would like you to know that I am now a missionary, my heart is to serve God in AFRICA especially in the rural areas, reaching young people, in colleges and universities and the rural areas in AFRICA.

Ap. Joshua Saunyama
Saved watching TBN

Thank you sooo much

Thank you sooo much for RELAUNCHing! My family and I love you, have been with you for 10 years and look forward to continuing to engrave eternity in hearts all over the world with you! GOD Bless you more than you can imagine! Congratulations!

Sandra M.