TBN Meets
#35 with Vishal Jetnarayan
My guest today was Born and raised in Durban, South Africa and now lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, Selena, and their four adorable children. Vishal Jetnarayan is the founder and President of eGenCo. LLC, a publishing company focused on generation culture transformation. Vishal is passionate to see the current four generations work together as a team in the marketplace, live by the immutable values of loyalty, honor, courage, and respect toward one another, and consequently, bring lasting change to society. Vishal has a heart to see the Kingdom of God advance into every nation in the earth, as he travels nationally frequently though out the US and internationally, speaking at seminars and conferences. Vishal is also an associate elder at World Harvest Outreach and an associate director of Sentforth Ministries, both ministries based in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
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