TBN Meets
#125 with William Moyses
William Moyses a motivational speaker, preacher, author, former professional footballer, founder & CEO of KING in me ministries and senior leader of Thando Church. After giving his life to Christ, having been saved from despair and death in the back of a police van in 2012, a deep conviction and a compassionate, compelling pull of purpose to see others come to Christ and enter into a relationship with God was set. William along with the KING in me and Thando Church teams have decided to take on the responsibility of encouraging & empowering the next generation. One of the primary focuses at KING in me is to make use of various social media platforms available as well as hosting live empowerment events aimed at re-shaping the paradigms of youth towards becoming everything the Creator has called them to be. Through that, KING in me and Thando Church have seen many come to Christ and many being set free and healed.
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