TBN Africa Specials


Creation in the 21st Century

Where scientific discoveries connect with your Christian life. Using a combination of creation, biblical astronomy and archaeology to build a solid case for Jesus Christ.

  • Friday 03 Sep 9PM
  • Saturday 04 Sep 4PM (Repeat)
  • Friday 10 Sep 9PM
  • Saturday 11 Sep 4PM (Repeat)
  • Friday 17 Sep 9PM
  • Saturday 18 Sep 4PM (Repeat)
  • Friday 24 Sep 9PM
  • Saturday 25 Sep 4PM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 02 Oct 4PM (Repeat)


How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth. Chronicling the Gospel’s spread from the 12 Apostles over 2,000 years ago to a major presence on every continent today.

  • Saturday 04 Sep 8PM

Fidei with Xola Nzo

Fidei is Latin for faith, trust, confidence & loyalty. It points to our faith in God & loyalty to His Word. Ps Nzo’s messages refresh, challenge & add relevance to lives.

  • Sunday 05 Sep 12:30PM
  • Monday 06 Sep 1AM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 12 Sep 12:30PM
  • Monday 13 Sep 1AM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 19 Sep 12:30PM
  • Monday 20 Sep 1AM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 26 Sep 12:30PM
  • Monday 27 Sep 1AM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 03 Oct 12:30PM

Fearless Lovers of Worship (FLOW)

The Jesus Collective presents Fearless Lovers of Worship (FLOW). Enjoy this 4 hour special as we go behind the scenes with South Africa's "The Jesus Collective" Evangelical Music Ministry. Find out where it all began, meet the members, hear their stories and enjoy an intimate time of Praise and Worship.

  • Sunday 05 Sep 1PM