TBN Africa Specials


Praise: State of Faith

What is the State of Faith in the world today? Explore world regions of our globe via feature stories and special programmes on TBN.

  • Thursday 03 Jun 8:30PM
  • Thursday 10 Jun 8:30PM
  • Thursday 17 Jun 8:30PM
  • Thursday 24 Jun 8:30PM

Creation in the 21st Century

Where scientific discoveries connect with your Christian life. Using a combination of creation, biblical astronomy and archaeology to build a solid case for Jesus Christ.

  • Friday 04 Jun 9PM
  • Saturday 05 Jun 4PM (Repeat)
  • Monday 07 Jun 2:30PM (Repeat)
  • Friday 11 Jun 9PM
  • Saturday 12 Jun 4PM (Repeat)
  • Monday 14 Jun 2:30PM (Repeat)
  • Friday 18 Jun 9PM
  • Saturday 19 Jun 4PM (Repeat)
  • Monday 21 Jun 2:30PM (Repeat)
  • Friday 25 Jun 9PM

I Have a Dream: Martin Luther King

Honouring and remembering the life, legacy and message of MLK, and the church’s role in measuring up to the ideals of Martin Luther King.

  • Saturday 05 Jun 1PM

Be Anxious For Nothing

In times like these, anxiety can fill our hearts and minds. But it doesn't have to dominate our life. Join Max Lucado on the journey to freedom through faith.

  • Saturday 05 Jun 8PM
  • Saturday 12 Jun 1PM (Repeat)

Fidei with Ps Nzo

Fidei is Latin for faith, trust, confidence & loyalty. It points to our faith in God & loyalty to His Word. Ps Nzo’s messages refresh, challenge & add relevance to lives.

  • Sunday 06 Jun 12:30PM
  • Monday 07 Jun 1AM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 13 Jun 12:30PM
  • Monday 14 Jun 1AM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 20 Jun 12:30PM
  • Monday 21 Jun 1AM (Repeat)

Stepping Out - The Story of Oceans

A deeper look and understanding at the globally renowned song, Oceans, by Hillsong United. A journey of faith and trust.

  • Wednesday 09 Jun 12PM

Hold on to Hope

Hold On To Hope with Joel Osteen and Rick Rigsby.

  • Saturday 12 Jun 5AM

Peace Be Still

In a world filled with storms of stress, we can walk away from worry and into peace. Join Max Lucado and other special guests as we learn to trade in our cares for calm.

  • Saturday 12 Jun 8PM

That's My Dad with Steven Curtis Capman

This Father's Day, join Steven Curtis Chapman, Tauren Wells, Jillian Edwards, and Scotty Smith for a night honouring the men we call Dad!

  • Saturday 19 Jun 8PM