TBN Africa Series


Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts is a Christian media ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and the three angel's message of Revelation 14.

  • Monday 12AM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 11AM

At Home with God

Join Olly and Helen Goldenberg as they discuss with guests and parents how we can help our children to grow in their faith at home.

  • Wednesday 9:30AM
  • Wednesday 7:30PM

Chase The Lion

When the image of a man-eating beast enters the visual cortex, the brain sends a simple but urgent message: run away! That's what normal people do, but not lion chasers!

  • Sunday 3:30AM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 12:30PM

Chika Onuzo

Come and let the fire of the Holy Ghost breathe new life in you through this programme. Your fire for God will be ignited and your hope will be restored.

  • Sunday 10:30PM (Repeat)
  • Monday 5AM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 3AM (Repeat)
  • Thursday 10PM (Repeat)
  • Friday 5AM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 9PM (Repeat)


This series wants to show you how God uses difficult, crushing experiences to prepare you for the unexpected blessings. He will lead you through!

  • Saturday 11PM

Dr. Convy

Dr. Convy is trained, called, ordained and certified minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is a seasoned public and motivational speaker. Be Blessed.

  • Tuesday 2PM
  • Friday 8:30PM (Repeat)

Drive Thru History The Holy Lands

Dave Stotts explores ancient civilisations, the Holy Land, and the founding of America. Encounter people, places and events that shaped our world and the Christian faith.

  • Monday 5PM
  • Thursday 2AM (Repeat)

Global Ventures

Global Ventures projects are designed to impact entire regions of the world with the Gospel. Majority of our work is in areas with unreached people groups.

  • Sunday 2PM
  • Saturday 11:30PM

God's Appointed Times

Rabbi Jason Sobel explores seven of the most sacred times of the year.

  • Tuesday 2AM (Repeat)
  • Tuesday 5PM

Grace with Max Lucado

The bank gives grace period, a seedy politician falls from grace, an actress is gracious, a dancer is graceful. We talk as though we know what grace means, but do we?

  • Saturday 8AM


Greg answers the big questions in life. Why am I here? Where will I go when I die? Everyone thinks about those things, but we seldom slow down to consider them carefully.

  • Sunday 3AM
  • Tuesday 10PM

Hope Generation

Hope Generation is an initiative that seeks to build a generation whose hope and faith are in God.

  • Sunday 12PM (Repeat)

Joel & Victoria Osteen 15 Ways to Live Longer and Healthier

The key to good health, longevity, and abundance is to keep your soul healthy by focussing on your attitude, your thoughts, and your emotional well-being.

  • Wednesday 5:30PM

John Bradshaw

A world-wide, evangelistic Christ-centred ministry that seeks to impact lives for Christ.

  • Friday 10PM

Michael Youssef

Leading the Way features the sermons of Dr. Michael Youssef the founding pastor of The Church of The Apostles in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Sunday 4PM
  • Tuesday 1AM (Repeat)

Money Matters

Join Busi Mbokazi and Joy Malete as they deal with your every day financial matters.

  • Tuesday 6:30PM
  • Friday 12AM (Repeat)

Rose Kholumo: Let's Talk

This show brings to light things which are happening in our societies. Let's Talk allows us to dwell into pressing social issues.

  • Sunday 2:30AM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 2:30PM

Secrets of Super Powered Moms Show

Sit back and walk with these mothers as they testify in poetic beauty, touching honesty and emotion, about their walk with God to motherhood.

  • Monday 6:30PM
  • Saturday 5:30PM


Join Kirk Cameron to discuss pressing issues Christians are facing with compassionate, well-informed guests, and together, find actionable TakeAways that we can use today.

  • Saturday 8PM

Taking Care of Business

Program that highlights the needs existing all around us, and shows how Christians and congregations can step in with biblical, Christ-centred solutions.

  • Saturday 5PM

Teaching The Bible

Each episode moves forward through the Bible, detailing and explaining the major events and teachings of the Bible in each program.

  • Wednesday 2PM

Teen Gospel LIVE

Teen Gospel Live is where we equip teens to grow in Christ, develop an understanding of His Will and commit their lives to Jesus.

  • Monday 2AM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 9:30AM

The Daniel Dilemma

Christians face a dilemma. In a world that seems to reject everything we believe, how do we walk closely with God.

  • Sunday 12:30AM (Repeat)
  • Friday 9PM

The Dhlamini's

The program is designed to impact those that have in to the Kingdom of God by revealing and unveiling to them their new found status as the restored Kings of the Earth.

  • Sunday 4AM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 4:30PM (Repeat)

The Eric Metaxas Radio Show

Join nationally syndicated radio host Eric Metaxas as he welcomes guest that uplift, inspire and bring thought-provoking commentary.

  • Sunday 5AM

The Faith Show

A captivating program led by Dr. Soares and hosted by Pastor Santos. With over 45 years on air, it reaches 100+ countries, offering inspiring faith-filled content.

  • Monday 1PM
  • Tuesday 1PM
  • Thursday 1PM
  • Friday 1PM

The Rosenberg Report

The Rosenberg Report, a weekly TBN original series from Jerusalem, offers a biblical perspective on current events impacting Israel and the Middle East.

  • Tuesday 11:30PM

Transforming Life

Join Anthony Delaney as he talks about the true joy of Christmas and the best news of all, that God is with us!

  • Saturday 10PM

Wally Scholz

A dynamic dialogue, revelation-driven, featuring the unchanging standard of God's eternal Word. It creates the power of a transformed life, kindling passion for truth, a must for thirsty believers and every day wisdom seekers.

  • Tuesday 2:30AM (Repeat)

Worship with The Binions

David & Nicole Binions host dynamic nights of Worship featuring top gospel artists. Join these live music collaborations, only found right here, on TBN.

  • Sunday 12AM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 10:30PM