TBN Africa Movies


Christmas Miracle

PG - Family (2012): Due to a road closure, eight strangers must take refuge in an abandoned church during a storm. They learn how to manage through various dilemmas by working together.

  • Sunday 08 Dec 8PM

Christmas With A Capital "C"

PG - Drama (2011): An attorney returns to his small home town in Alaska and quickly rocks the boat by getting an injunction against the nativity display tradition and attacking Christmas.

  • Sunday 15 Dec 8PM

Christmas Lodge

PG - Romance (2011): During a weekend trip to the mountains, Mary finds herself at the now-dilapidated lodge where she spent the holidays with her family growing up. For an uplifting story about faith, family and true holiday spirit go to the Christmas Lodge.

  • Sunday 22 Dec 8PM

The Perfect Gift

PG - Family (2009): A Capra-esque tale of a spoiled schoolgirl, her overworked executive mother and a disillusioned young minister each receives an uplifting message about friendship and the truest meaning of Christmas from a mysterious drifter named Jess.

  • Wednesday 25 Dec 12PM

Set Apart

An inner-city ministry works with a pastor (John Schneider) to get four inner-city kids in danger of joining gangs to work on a country ranch.

  • Sunday 05 Jan 8PM
  • Saturday 11 Jan 3AM (Repeat)

Forever Strong

PG13 - Drama, Sport (2008) A rugby player is put up in a juvenile detention center. There he plays for the Highland Rugby team and ultimately plays against his father in the National Championships.

  • Sunday 12 Jan 8PM
  • Saturday 18 Jan 3AM (Repeat)


Caleb (Randy Wayne) is a young skater whose ill mother (Roseanna Arquette) and absent father (John Schneider) leave him reaching for the only hope he has -- becoming a sponsored skater. After discovering a stack of old letters, he sets out to find the father he never knew and inadvertently begins a journey he never could have expected.

  • Sunday 19 Jan 8PM
  • Saturday 25 Jan 3AM (Repeat)


PG - Drama (2010) - A high School senior Luke, dreams of just one thing, pro surfing. With his best friend at his side, they have two goals: surf and party! When a devastating tragedy strikes, Luke is forced to take a hard look at his life.

  • Sunday 26 Jan 8PM
  • Saturday 01 Feb 3AM (Repeat)

Beautiful Beast

A modern spin on the classic story of Beauty and the Beast!

  • Sunday 02 Feb 8PM