TBN Africa Documentaries


A21 Walk For Freedom 2017

On 14 October 2017, in communities around the world, there were tens of thousands of 21st century abolitionists walking in single file collectively taking millions of steps in the fight against human trafficking.

  • Saturday 15 Feb 9PM

A21 Walk For Freedom 2018

Walk for Freedom is a powerful way to spread awareness that human trafficking is happening across the globe. The walk exists to reflect A21’s heart for freedom and justice, and it is ultimately designed to turn awareness into action.

  • Saturday 22 Feb 9PM

A21 Walk For Freedom 2019

On 19 October 2019, we rolled up our sleeves and set our feet into action. Because in a single moment a number can turn into a name, a tragedy into a victory and a belief into an action. Freedom. That's our goal for every human being on earth.

  • Saturday 29 Feb 9PM
  • Saturday 07 Mar 9PM
  • Saturday 14 Mar 9PM

Finding Hope In Lenasia

Gangsterism, drugs, teenage pregnancies and poverty. This is what most people see in certain parts of Lenasia. Rev Vincent Kandan and his team are trying to change this view, through bringing hope, love and Jesus to over 2000 local kids.

  • Wednesday 25 Mar 9:30PM

Evolution vs God: Shaking The Foundations Of Faith

Ray Comfort, New Zealand-born evangelist, takes to the streets to ask random people to provide him with evidence for evolution, along with four evolutionary biologists.

  • Thursday 26 Mar 8:30PM